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關於 About OneZhop.com
OneZhop.com is an online luxury fashion boutique that offers a comprehensive and sustainable fashion solution for fashion lover. We offer a cost-friendly, innovative and fast option for every woman to update their wardrobe with high-quality clothes at an affordable price while contributing our bit to solving the fashion pollution problem. 
Thanks to our incredible swapping concept, OneZhop.com is at the same pace as the latest fashion trends: we are constantly updating our rich variety of items with new stocks from collections from over 500+ designers and brands around the world including Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Hermes and many more. 
憑藉難以置信的交換概念,OneZhop.com與最流行趨勢保持同步: 我們不斷更新豐富又多樣的商品,包括來自全球500多個設計師和品牌系列的新品,品牌包括Gucci,Prada,香奈兒,愛馬仕等等。
With our varied selection of luxury items and exclusive collections – brand new and preloved; you will find a whole lot of fabulous items in our robust concept to help you create or update you your dream closet.
我們提供各種各樣的奢侈品和獨家系列 - 最新的和最受歡迎的; 您將在我們強大的概念中找到許多美好的貨品,幫助您打造或更新成為夢想衣櫥。
Through our simple and well-structured process, Onezhop.com is entirely at your disposal to help ensure that you dress every day to conquer your world; by offering you the unique OneZhop swapping experience that will make your dreams come true – something unique yet effortlessly affordable!
通過我們簡單而合理的結構流程,Onezhop.com可以確保並幫助您每天的穿著來征服您的專屬世界;為您提供OneZhop獨特的交換體驗,讓您的夢想成真 - 獨特又毫不費力的實惠!



WHO WE ARE? 關於我們
Lead by a team of a couple, Ivan and Annie, OneZhop has brought an entirely new concept with the breath of fresh air to the preloved luxury fashion industry in Hong Kong. Annie’s love for fashion and her unequalled committal to community contribution to fashion sustainability constantly inspires her to explore different options. With Ivan’s involvement in Annie’s passion and the Z point’s evaluation matrix, OneZhop was born.
OneZhop由一對夫婦Ivan和Annie領導,為香港奢侈時尚界帶來了一個全新的概念以及新鮮的空氣。 Annie對時尚的熱愛以及她在可持續的時尚發展中,對社區作出了無與倫比的貢獻並不斷激勵和探索不同的選擇。隨著Ivan參與Annie熱情的計劃和Z點的評估矩陣,OneZhop終於誕生了。
Thanks to their keen eye for product evaluation and love for fashion. The couple aspires to use their vast expertise to create a robust ecosystem for the second-hand product trading market in Hong Kong.
Providing a New Fashion Experience 提供全新的時尚體驗

Life is too boring if we only wear the same clothes day in / day out. At OneZhop, you are allowed to change your wardrobe without excessive cost* – just swap your previous purchases for better ones. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity or condition, as we have checked all of them for you, nor to be troubled by the process, as we have simplified everything for you. All you need to do is provide us with your tradable clothing, and start selecting new ones.

*Fixed handling fee and membership fee.

Creating a Sustainable Fashion Journey 創造可持續的時尚之旅

“We all love shopping but we need to start to shop smarter!” said Annie, the co-founder of OneZhop. 

Green Peace warned that Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and other countries have been purchasing clothing at an overwhelming rate in recent years. Tied down by the large amount of clothing at home and an overall over-budgeted expenditure, we should make purchase smartly and implement sustainability in our everyday life. OneZhop was created for sustainable fashion swapping. 

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