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OneZhop.com 是全面的網購精品平台,專為時尚愛好者服務。我們提供價格合宜、創新、快速的方式,以便女性可以時常更新她們的衣櫥。


OneZhop由一對夫婦Ivan 及Annie 共同創立。在他們的帶領下, OneZhop帶來嶄新的概念,由Annie對時裝的熱愛,以及她對可持續發展時裝的熱誠及Ivan 的拍賣、貨品估值、轉售業務經驗共同創立一個全面的網購平台,帶給用家全新體驗.



WHO WE ARE? 關於我們
Lead by a team of a couple, Ivan and Annie, OneZhop has brought an entirely new concept with the breath of fresh air to the preloved luxury fashion industry in Hong Kong. Annie’s love for fashion and her unequalled committal to community contribution to fashion sustainability constantly inspires her to explore different options. With Ivan’s involvement in Annie’s passion and the Z point’s evaluation matrix, OneZhop was born.
Thanks to their keen eye for product evaluation and love for fashion. The couple aspires to use their vast expertise to create a robust ecosystem for the second-hand product trading market in Hong Kong.

在一對夫婦,Annie和 Ivan, 帶領下, OneZhop帶來完全嶄新的概念,為香港精品出讓產業帶來新鮮空氣。Annie對時裝的熱愛,以及她對社群建設和可持續發展時裝的精誠,總是能啟發她探索不同的可能性。在Annie的熱忱中,少不了與富拍賣、貨品估值、轉售業務經驗的Ivan的共同參與。

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Macau, Annie had her education in Canada, where she focused on fashion marketing and merchandising. She holds a master’s degree in marketing and established BO Asia in 2007. Her passion for innovation and creativity are some of the reasons why premium brands and businesses consult with her for creative business solutions.  
As a kind-hearted mother of two, Annie began community-related services since 2013, where she’s had the opportunity to infuse her social missionary heart with her professional knowledge.  
The idea started when Annie, a fashion lover with 15 years of branding and strategic business experiences in fashion & lifestyle products industry. She loved to shop and resell her products for her next season shopping budget. However, without proper evaluation and fluctuating second-hand market price, she got frustrated to resell her items to the right place and people with the right value. This is when she decided to work on this problem as it occurred to many of her friends too.
Ivan contributes his 15 years of product evaluation experience and creates a fair matrix to evaluate pre-loved items.  His expertise from past experience in auction and product evaluation with HKSAR government logistics auction, various corporate and personal auctions and professional surveying is a big advantage to the women’s luxury fashion industry. Through his involvement in Onezhop.com, Ivan wishes to educate the public on product evaluation, fair price trading, and investment tips in pre-loved items. 


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