Frequently Asked Questions
Auction Bidder's / Buyer’s Terms & Condition
  1. All the bidders must have a Facebook account or other means of contact information (WhatsApp, WeChat, email, phone number). 

  1. All the bids will be placed during the auction by direct means of message during the live auction, email to or WhatsApp to 65566920 until the deadline which is 48 hours after the auction on January 16th, 2020, which is on January 18th, 2020 at 21:00. 

  1. All the products will have a reserved price and must be met or exceeded in order for the successful bid to be completed. Bids will be placed by an increment of HK$ 20 for each bid. 

  2. The highest bidder at the deadline of the auction will be the successful bidder once he/she has made full payment within 24 hours of notification. Failure to do so will defer the successful bid right to the next highest bidder. 

  3. The successful bidder, after the confirmation of the payment, must either pick up the product within 7 working days after the payment, during which inspection of the product can occur, or payment for courier delivery, of which no inspection will be held. The successful bidder can authenticate their products from our product experts or with the help of Entrupy, an AI operating authentication system. Normal certification will cost between HKD 280 ~ 380 each, while Hermes goods will cost between HKD 580 ~ 980 depending on size. 

  1. All bidders must understand and acknowledge the information and description of each Product is given as it currently is.  

  1. During the inspection, the successful bidder can challenge the authenticity and description of the Product. The Product condition is however, subjective and therefore cannot be challenged. 

  1. If the successful bidder challenges the authenticity of the Product, he/she has 7 days after the payment to provide such evidence. OneZhop has the final right to decide on such matter. 

  1. If the challenged Product is proved with valid evidence, OneZhop will withdraw the transaction and return the bid payment within 30 days or earlier. 

  1. All sales are final after 7 days from the payment.

  2. We accept payment with Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Certified Cheque, FPS, Alipay. (Extra fee will occur for all credit cards, PayPal, and Union Pay)

Auction Consignment Terms & Conditions

1.     Ownership 

        The Products remain the property of the seller until the Products are sold and paid in fully by the purchaser. At no time does OneZhop owns the Products.  

2.     Commission 

        OneZhop is entitled to 28% commission of selling price .

3.     Payment terms 

        Each Seller shall receive the selling price of the Products(minus the commission) within 15 days after the payment is received or we will return the Products. 

4.     Shipping  

        The Seller is responsible for the logistics and insurance of the Products to our office.

5.     Authenticity

        The Seller is responsible for the authenticity of the Product. If the Product is found to be not authentic, OneZhop will have to right to report to the responsible government agency and the Product will be confiscated. At no point is OneZhop be responsible for the authenticity of the Product.



What brands and conditions do we accept?

OneZhop accept all brands from our brand list. For those which are not available in the list, please send us an enquiry form. Moreover, authentic products in good condition, with minor damages, stains or dirt, are accepted. If any receipts are available, please also provide them to us so as to prove their authenticity.

What are your delivery options?

Same as our returning options, you can choose different options either by collecting at your door or direct pick up from our office. You can simply choose the optimum deliver method and tell us your choice. 

Our location:

Room A10, 11/F, Genesis, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong 

What if I don't have enough points to shop?

The easiest way is giving us your preloved fashion items. However, you and your friends can also transfer Z points among each other if both of you have joined our premium membership. Referral and Birthday points will be added to *premium membership as well. 

*Details are shown in the “Join the Club” session 

How do I track my order?

Once we start delivering your product, we will send you an email with the information of the courier the invoice number. You can simply track your product on their website.

How do I return an item?

You can return an item in different ways, by choosing to *collect at your door or direct return it to us at our office. You can simply choose the optimum return method and tell us your choice.


Our location:

Room A10, 11/F, Genesis, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong 

*Shipping cost ($50) will be charged if you choose to collect at your door. 

Why do I need to join premium membership?

You can enjoy numerous benefits from Free Evaluation, Free Trade and Buy, Free Shipping, 14 days Product Exchange Window, Cheaper Handling Fee, Showroom Appointment to Consultant Service. Extra Z points can also be gained by Transfer, Birthday and Referral points.

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